Betcha your surprised to hear from me after all this time. Yeah, sorry about that but you know how it goes. This space, and my obvious neglect of it, has been on my mind for sometime. A friend recently said “Hey what’s up with beets and blue cheese?” Turns out that was the push I needed to quit thinking about writing and simply start typing. So here I am.

A ton has happened since my last post, not the least of which is; I moved to a new town (in a completely unfamiliar corner of the state). I bought a new house (which is equal parts diy’er dream and nightmare). And I have new social circles to learn to navigate. (Finding your people in an unfamiliar place feels a little like dating, but without the romantic butterflies.) When things get tricky and I can’t figure out who to ask about rec softball verses the Summer club league (I blew it with girls basketball signups, it wasn’t pretty) or I’m feeling overwhelmed surveying my soggy and overgrown woodsy yard, I try to remind myself that “Great things never came from comfort zones.” And then I make a cocktail and move on.

I still cook as much as ever (we recently put in a sweet new kitchen), but I think this go ’round beets and blue cheese might be more rambling lifestyle blog and less recipe driven. A little diy project post here, a smattering of cooking and some old school gardening there. Whatever I’m currently working on you’ll get to hear about, lucky you! Speaking of gardening… I’m a passionate dig in the dirt/wanna be farmer. In fact when we moved to our woodsy corner of the world my hope was to get a few chickens, my dream was to get a few goats. It turns out that this is one dream that may simply never be fulfilled, however I’m coming to terms with this reality. The fact that the local feed store has sweet little peeps that I can go visit certainly helps. I literally go in, squat down next to the giant trough of peeps with their heat lamps and bed of shaving, and I just gaze. The shop dudes think I’m insane, but theres no shame in getting a chick fix. ALSO (this is even more exciting to me than the chicks) I was just hired by a local farm as a part of their workshare team. I’ll work on a real deal farm a few hours a week, planting, tending and harvesting, and be paid back in glorious organic veggies. This is literally my dream job!

So there you have it, my plan for the rebirth of beets and blue cheese. I make no promises about frequency or engaging content, but I’ll do my best. Pinky swear.


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