Hooray for a Giveaway!~ Has Ended

I’m one of those people who delight in the process of planning a meal almost as much as I do cooking and eating it. I truly enjoy researching recipes, making endless lists and shopping for ingredients. But, I realize that not everyone feels the way I do.

I recently posted a bit of a love letter to the Shim’on Ariche Harissa Forte that I can only find at my local Fairway. I also contacted them to request that they sell it in larger sized jars. Well that request turned into a couple of back and forth e-mails that turned into beets and blue cheese’s first sponsored giveaway!

It turns out that besides being a fantastic resource for your everyday grocery and wine needs, Fairway also offers an extensive catering menu for any size gathering or holiday meal (kosher and non-kosher). Who knew?!? The folks at Fairway Market have given me a $100 gift card to give away to one of you— wasn’t that nice of them? With Passover and Easter right around the corner a Fairway gift card would certainly buy some lovely ingredients. Or, you could cater in and pretend you cooked (I won’t tell). And not to fear if you don’t happen to have a Fairway near you, they also offer online ordering. So here’s what you have to do…

giveaway image

To enter, please leave a comment with what you love most about grocery shopping. Are you like me and you love the process of planning meals; making lists and finally selecting the perfect brussels sprout or artichoke. Is it the only time during the week that you’re actually kid-free? Or do you dread those brightly lit and jam-packed aisles and avoid it whenever possible? Whatever you have to say about grocery shopping, and even more specifically shopping at Fairway, I’d love to hear it.

Please leave your comment between Wednesday, March 6, 2013 and Wednesday, March 20, 2013. One comment per person please, US residents only. Entries must be left via the comment form at the bottom of this post. A winner will be selected using Random.org. on Thursday, March 21st and will be promptly contacted.

So please leave a comment and then feel free to…

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Good luck!


26 thoughts on “Hooray for a Giveaway!~ Has Ended

  1. My favorite part about shopping is finding new fruits and vegetables that me and my boys haven’t tried yet. I’m always looking for ways to tempt my kids into eating something different & healthy. Imagine that?! Oh, and since we drink gallons of milk a week, I suppose that’s a highlight too.

  2. How I wish there was a Fairway Market here in the Waterbury, CT area. I LOVE to leisurely walk through every aisle and find new products to season and perk up my meals. I try to make every meal special and to have a new spice or herb to give my creation an extra special pleasure to the taste buds is so enjoyable for me. I LOVE to cook and have done a great deal of it during my fifty years marriage. However, as any chef will tell you it is important to stay current with the changing tastes and being open to trying new and different products to kick up the flavor of an old family recipe. I just so enjoy savouring the possibilities of a find like smokey paprika and can’t wait to get into my kitchen to discover its new uses!

  3. Food shopping is most fun when its done at a leisurely pace. I love to watch a cooking show make a list and head to the store.

  4. I am not a fan of grocery shopping..to be honest. However, if the grocery store has fresh made complimentary coffee it makes it so much more bearable

  5. What can I say about food shopping….

    Well if the store has a “beer aisle” I always find myself gravitating to that location while my kids are tugging my are to go to the baking section for cookies…

    Oh what to do!?!

  6. Im not crazy about the whole shopping experience, but I do love to shop in the fruit and veggie isle. I love cooking with color and love fresh everything ! I love to make food look like artwork when I present it on a plate !

  7. I love The Fairway Market in North Massapequa, NY. It is family run and if they don’t have something I want, they actually will order it for me. I have also used their deli for catering which they do an excellent job. When my children were younger, the employees would actually take my groceries to my car for me. Best little food market ever.

  8. So many reasons to love Fairway — but I love food shopping in general. Maybe it’s because I’m a control freak?!? I love making selections and knowing what my family will consume.

    I get ridiculous joy out of looking for new products (just found Flax Packs – ground flax seeds to sprinkle into just about anything!), re-discovering old products (Jiffy Pop popcorn – that microwavable stuff is bad for you!) and puzzling over products that I just can’t make sense out of (how many ingredients in THAT??).

    Love it all.

  9. Oh, Fairway, how I love you…I’ve loved you since the first time I ever stepped into your sawdust-strewn aisles, back on 74th Street, and stood in awe before the mountains of gorgeous apples, the barrels of perfumey coffee, the dizzying variety of cheese, all helpfully pinned with wise, funny descriptions. When I was a single girl, living on the Upper West Side, Thanksgiving wasn’t Thanksgiving without a trip to Fairway. It was an essential part of the ritual, same as stuffing the turkey.

    Some people like to buy in bulk and throw it in the freezer. Not me. I like to meander past each food item, seasoning and tasting it inside my head, wondering if this is the night for Israeli-spiced lamb meatballs, or whether it will be schwarma-rubbed chicken for dinner tonight. I love to pause in reflection before the wall of greens, wanting to buy them all. I particularly love the tasting station near the olive oils. If they’re out of bread, it’s because I ate it all.

    For me, grocery shopping is as much a part of the feast as sitting down to eat.

  10. A new Fairway opened up in Douglaston, NY. I love their meats, cheeses, produce and coffee. They have great sales and I get inspired with the different ingredients they sell to try new dinners. Their baguettes are fresh and piping hot. That’s what my daughter loves the best!

    Grocery shopping is a chore; but Fairway makes it more enjoyable.

  11. Grocery shopping isn’t my favorite thing but as long as I have my list and know what I’m looking for, I’m ok. Have recently been trying vegetables, which is a big thing for me.

  12. Hi Jan, I am so delighted that you are running such wonderful blog. Glad you introduced me to it.
    Well, just like you I love planning my weeks meals. Coming from Indian origin lived in England and USA, my cooking styles have adapted and I have learnt so much. Both my parents are great cooks. Shopping gets me planning ahead and having all ingredients in my fridge so I am ready to splurge. I generally love cooking Indian, Thai, mexican and Italian. These all are kicked up Flavors. And of course being Indian I enjoy spice in my food. Adding different colors to my food ranging from tomatoes to tomatillos. Food shopping is therapeutic for me as is cooking a healthy hearty meal for my family.
    I really enjoyed your posts. Great writing! Good luck.

  13. Hi Jan! How exciting to get Fairway on board!!!

    What I most love about grocery shopping is that I don’t worry so much about money spent but finding yummy foods to prepare for my family. I also love seeing how beautiful all the colorful produce looks all stacked up and ready for the taking!

    Oh – and did I mention liking the quiet time to myself?!?!

  14. My favorite part of food shopping is my shopping list on my smart phone! Beats the old fashioned piece if paper. The worst part is coming home and putting everything away. 🙂

  15. I asked Owen what the best part of grocery shopping is since he’s always with me and he said “walking out of the store”. I have to agree.

  16. I think what I love most about grocery shopping is finishing it so I don’t have to go again for whole week!

  17. My favorite part of shopping is the organic produce aisle. NOt a big meat fan, so i daydream about all the yummy fruit and veggies. Usually end up in smoothies. and I especially love this when i am shopping child free and i have lots of time to browse. I’m horrible with remembering lists and planning menus so it’s usually a free for all and i get home with 10 kinds of produce, crackers, juice, milk, and no dinner.

    What i like LEAST is shopping anywhere with my KIDS!! especially if any or all of us are HUNGRY!!

  18. I love it when I go to the grocery store with only one item on my list, then get so distracted by the sales and displays that I leave with a bag of groceries forgetting the one item that I came for!

  19. My favorite thing about shopping–especially in places like Fairway and Trader Joe’s–is coming across something new and exciting to try…though that also often means spending more money! I also love the produce section for the rainbow of colors of healthy fruit and veggies.

  20. I definitely love the produce aisle! I love being inspired to try new fruits and vegetables and finding things I’ve heard about but can’t find… Like fiddlehead greens. I’m also always searching for French saucisson sec, for a delicious sandwich on crusty Italian or French bread, with butter and cornichons, reminiscent of the most memorable trip to Provence… And Fairway stocks it!

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