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I was recently looking over all the recipes I’ve shared with you in the past year and a half and one thing struck me; for a blog named beets and blue cheese I’ve only posted one recipe that uses either ingredient. Crazy, right? So I decided to remedy that by featuring beets and/or blue cheese in every recipe I post in the month of July. Some of the recipes may surprise you, some may make you rush out to buy the ingredients ASAP and some may make you roll your eyes and click on over to Facebook— and I’m perfectly okay with that. Although what I’m honestly hoping happens is that one or two of you so-called “beet haters” read my pithy prose, perhaps chuckle at my sassy repartee and ultimately agree to try a recipe or two. Then (gasp!) you become converted beet lovers. So here goes…

I had been testing recipes for Clean Eating Magazine before they suddenly folded. In my past life I was a magazine designer and I too have lived through the trials and tribulations of having a magazine close. It’s not fun. Clean Eating was a great magazine and I’m sad to see it go. However it’s thanks to them that I discovered a new way to enjoy beets— raw! I love beets (I know, shocking right?) but I’ve never eaten them any way but roasted. I like the way roasting brings out their natural sweetness and makes them perfect to slice into salad, eat as a side dish or even throw in a smoothie. Well I’m here to tell you that you that roasting is in fact not the only way to go. It turns out that you haven’t experienced crunchy, clean and delicious until you’ve tried beets raw. I grated them along with some carrot, added a bit of garden greens, homemade hummus and feta cheese and wrapped it all up in a multi-grain wrap— holy deliciousness!

Tom Robbins had it right.”…Breathe properly. Stay curious. And eat your beets…”

Raw Beet, Hummus & Feta Wrap
I love beets but this is the first time I’ve ever eaten them raw. They’re delicious, almost better raw than cooked!

beet & feta wrap

1 multi grain wrap
2 tbsp. homemade hummus
1/2 cup grated raw beet
1/4 cup grated raw carrot
Small handful mixed baby greens
2-3 tbsp. crumbled feta

  1. Spread hummus in the center portion of the wrap. Sprinkle evenly with the beets, carrots, feta and greens.
  2. To roll up; fold in 2 opposite sides of the wrap and roll starting with the end closest to you. Slice each wrap in half on the diagonal and enjoy.

*adapted from clean eating magazine


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