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It’s come to my attention that a few of you may be under the impression that I live a sort of charmed life. That woodland creatures twitter at my backdoor, my children frolic quietly and happily in the other room, dust bunnies don’t gather in my corners and mealtime is the most relaxing time of the day. Ummm. Yeah. No. The reality is… my half Jack Russell/half South Carolina swamp dog catches all the birds, bunnies and moles that visit my backyard and “plays” with them until their playing days are over. My children seem to constantly complain, bicker and need me to supply them with endless sources of entertainment. Try as I may my house is ALWAYS dusty. And dinnertime is pretty close to the most frustrating time of my day. (Trying to get myself and two kids out the door by 8:15 every morning wins that award!) In fact here’s a little sample of the what goes on at a typical Greco family meal:

DINNER: Grilled Pizza
COMMENT FROM SON: “You’re the best cook! Is there more pizza?”
COMMENT FROM DAUGHTER: “I don’t like pepperoni!” “You were just eating it out of the bag while I made the pizzas.” “Well… I don’t like it now.” (Said with arms crossed and a little humph at the end.)
COMMENT FROM HUSBAND: “This is my favorite way you make pizza.”

DINNER: Vegetable and Chicken Sausage Frittata
COMMENT FROM SON: “Did you have to put so many vegetables in it?”
COMMENT FROM DAUGHTER: “I don’t like the red peppers” “You love red peppers and ask for them in your lunchbox all the time.” “Well… I don’t like them now.” (Said with arms crossed and a little humph at the end.)
COMMENT FROM HUSBAND: “Hmm, not bad. I told you that cast iron pan wasn’t too big” (He bought me the pan. It’s giant.)

DINNER: BLT Linguine
COMMENT FROM SON: “The sauce makes my lips feel like I have on ChapStick and next time can you leave out the green stuff?”
COMMENT FROM DAUGHTER: “How many bites do I have to eat to get ice cream? Is this enough? Is this enough? Is this enough?”
COMMENT FROM HUSBAND: (No comments but he did have seconds. I’m guessing he skipped lunch.)

DINNER: Grilled Cuban-Style Pork Loin
COMMENT FROM SON: (No comments. No complaints. I’ll take that as a thumbs up).
COMMENT FROM DAUGHTER: “I love this! Look what a good job I’m doing on dinner!”
COMMENT FROM HUSBAND: “This is the only marinade you should use for pork.”

DINNER: Turkey and Cheddar Paninis with Bacon
COMMENT FROM DAUGHTER:  “I don’t like the bread.” “It’s the good Trader Joe’s panini bread I always get.” “Well… I don’t like it.” (Said with arms crossed and a little humph at the end.)
COMMENT FROM HUSBAND: “Bacon? Are you feeling all right?.”

So you see, my life really is no different from anyone else’s. And while the grass may appear greener on my side of the fence, be careful where you step because it’s been a few days since I’ve been out to pick up the dog poop…

Pisco Twilight
This is the perfect warm weather drink and just
boozy enough to make less than stellar dinner reviews a smidge less annoying. 

pisco twilight2

3 fresh strawberries, diced
4 fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped
1/2 fresh lime, diced
20 ml (4 tsp./.7 oz) Agave nectar
60 ml (12 tsp/2 oz.) Pisco*

  1. Add to a cocktail shaker the strawberries, basil, lime and agave. Using a muddler (or handle of a wooden spoon) muddle together all the ingredients until the strawberries and limes are really smashed.
  2. Add the Pisco to the shaker, cover and give a few shakes. Strain into a rocks glass, fill with ice and garnish with a lime wedge, fresh basil and a strawberry.

* Pisco is a colorless grape brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile.

**adapted from capel pisco cocktail book


2 thoughts on “dinner + drinks

  1. Having eaten dinner frequently at the wonderful Greco home I can attest to Not Ever having a meal deserving complaints!! These family members are so accustomed to such delicious meals prepared with LOVE as a main ingredient they are spoiled! They need a meal from the past when budgets were strained and creativity put something together to stick to the ribs and fill empty tummies! Something like “Lima Beans and Hotdogs” cooked in one pot! Just the mention of this dish should end those ungrateful complaints!! The Pisco Twilight is delicious and really after two who cares about meal complaints! Am I Right??!!

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